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“For any EMC test engineer who has a need for a high performance, sustainable and environmental friendly anechoic chamber”.

Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions is an independent supplier of high performance polystyrene microwave absorbers suited for (semi) anechoic chambers enabling our customers to make the difference. Our product range consist of both hybrid (EMC) and broadband (microwave) absorbers. DMAS product portfolio is unique due to its absence of poisonous fire retardant chemicals in all products. Our microwave and hybrid absorbers are fully compliant with REACH and ROHS.

The benefits of DMAS absorbers are:

  • Unique and enhanced product design:
    • Alternating taper design (vertical – horizontal)
    • Light weight (5,7 kg/m2)
    • Removable tapers
  • Compliant with clean room spec. class 10.000 / ISO14644-1 class 4
  • Uniform carbon cell loading results in a more stable performance
  • Rigidity and superior tensile strength (no drooping tips)
  • Superior product life time (>25 years)
  • Resilience to humidity.

Production of DMAS products is executed under tight quality control according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. All products of DMAS are compatible with the applicable fire retardancy certifications (ISO 11925-2 class E / DIN 4102 class B2 / UL94-HBF).

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