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Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions is an independent supplier of high performance polystyrene microwave absorbers suited for all Anechoic Chambers enabling our customers to make the difference. DMAS product range consist of both hybrid (EMC) and microwave (antenna) absorbers.

The Netherlands has a long and respectable tradition of entrepreneurship across the Globe. Our predecessors during the Golden Age threw themselves into audacious adventures on the Seven Seas and the land bordering these waters. Also more recently in the 20th century we all know of many the names of entrepreneurs like Anthony Fokker, Albert Plesman, Freddy Heineken, Anton and Gerard Philips that left indelible marks on the make-up of Dutch industry. All big things – whatever they are- have started on the basis of an idea and a relentless commitment of one or a couple of individuals who had the courage to try.

New development
Hein de Groot, founder and CEO of Comtest Engineering, is such an individual. He had the idea for a new EPS hybrid absorber solution for several years. This in combination with many requests for polystyrene microwave absorbers from our customers made him decide it was time to develop the new product.

Within his group of companies a R&D project was launched in 2009 to develop an EPS based absorber for EMC test chambers. The main objective was to meet or exceed the specifications of the current products in the market and improve several aspects in product design. During the process the experience with existing products in the market gave DMAS the opportunity to improve several aspects and develop the best product available.

In 1988 Comtest Engineering was the first European company offering a cascade absorber technology in Europe*. The hybrid solution was based on ferrite tiles and carbon loaded polystyrene absorbers. The obvious advantage for this solution is the enhanced low frequency absorption performance resulting in reduced height of the overall absorber package, resulting in increased effective test volume or reduced overall dimensions of the chamber.

Traditional absorber manufacturers copied the idea using their traditional PU foam base material. Up till today no other European manufacturer has introduced an expandable polystyrene (EPS) absorber despite the many advantages. Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions took that opportunity and will be the first and single European manufacturer of hybrid polystyrene absorbers.

*From 1988 till 2007 Comtest and TDK worked together in numerous projects for anechoic chambers.