:.:.: Grey end caps for floor absorbers

DMAS introduces grey end caps for floor absorbers used for sVSWR and FU testing. The advantage for the test engineer that it’s very easy to pile up the absorbers. Using a grey end cap will also protect the taper tips of the absorbers. A grey color instead of white will prevent a dirty look over time.

The grey end caps are available for MT25 and HT45 absorber. Grey end cap model ECT25-G will fit the MT25 absorber and ECT45-G will fit HT45 hybrid absorber.

Below are two pictures of a the floor setup configurations for sVSWR and FU in a Compact Room built by Comtest Engineering for Foss in Denmark.

sVSWR floor set up in a compact anechoic chamber               FU floor set up in a compact room


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