The sustainable absorber

DMAS believes that an absorber can and should offer sustainability as well as great performance. While competing solutions mostly focus on the latter, DMAS has developed a polystyrene absorber that manages to do both.


Polystyrene vs polyurethane

We have long been staunch advocates of polystyrene absorbers. After all, as a building material, polystyrene offers significant advantages over polyurethane foam. EPS absorbers have superior rigidity and tensile strength, they are compliant with all necessary fire-retardant standards and they are highly resilient to changes in ambient humidity. 

This results in an extremely durable absorber that is warranted to last for 25 years and quite possibly lasts even longer. But what is perhaps most remarkable is that all of this is achieved without relying on hazardous materials during its production process.


Environmentally friendly

This approach to manufacturing absorbers affords you and the environment a number of important advantages. DMAS absorbers:

In short

A great choice for sustainability

When you consider the benefits for the environment, the excellent performance, the modular design and the advantages of working in a testing facility that is not contaminated by carbon particles, a picture emerges of a superior absorber that is a great choice for companies that are environmentally responsible.

For more details on our hybrid and microwave absorbers, just follow the link.

DMAS Environmentally friendly

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