EMC testing without the need for ferrite tiles.

Broadband / Closed-cell polystyrene / 80MHz to 40GHz range

MT50 absorber overview

Cost effective, durable and highly efficient

Building a semi-anechoic chamber for MIL-STD461 EMC testing applications is usually quite an expensive proposition. The investment cost is often driven by the hybrid (cascade) design of the anechoic chambers, making use of a ferrite tile base layer with a hybrid EMC absorber on top.
Ferrite tiles are expensive and often needed to meet the required absorber reflectivity requirements at low frequencies, described in the EMC standard MIL-STD461.
Not so with the DMAS MIL-STD461 absorber (MT50). This polystyrene absorber offers the enormous benefit of meeting absorption (reflectivity) requirements part of MIL-STD461 guidelines, even when no ferrite tile base is utilized.
This means that not only does this DMAS RF absorber offer the usual advantages of closed-cell polystyrene when it comes to its durability and clean room compatibility, it is also much cheaper to use and trivially easy to install due to the absence of ferrite tiles and adhesives. EM absorbers from DMAS are installed using of mounting strips and screws, simple as that.

Photo taken inside absorber lined anechoic chamber and equipment under test on test bench for MIL-STD461 verifications.

MIL-STD461 compliant

80MHz – 40GHz range


Easy installation

25 year warranty

Humidity resistant

Environmentally friendly

DMAS: sustainable, long lasting

Thanks to next-gen material properties, DMAS MIL-STD461 absorbers (MT50) are long lasting, fire retardant and resistant to changes in humidity. They are also REACH and RoHS compliant since these characteristics are achieved without relying on potentially hazardous materials during fabrication. In addition, the modular design makes it easy to replace a damaged taper without having to throw out an entire absorber. If you are looking for the most sustainable option, choose DMAS polystyrene absorbers.

MT50 Absorber

Technical details

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Product photo of assembled MT50 absorber consisting of baseplate with 32 tapered section installed

Cost effective

No need for ferrite tiles

The incredible durability and closed-cell nature are compelling reasons to choose DMAS RF absorbers, but the MT50 absorber offers additional benefits. It meets MIL461 reflectivity loss requirements without the need for ferrite tiles, making it significantly cheaper and easier to install than traditional hybrid absorber solutions.

Finishing touch

White & grey end caps

The MT50 absorber can be equipped with a lightweight end cap. These end caps serve to protect the taper against small forms of damage. They are available in a white and grey finish. As an added benefit, the white end caps also enhance light levels within the anechoic chamber, making it easier for engineers to work.

protective white end caps for EMC absorber

Working with us

Why choose DMAS

Due to the (time) investment associated with the construction of a (semi) anechoic chamber and the demands placed on the research performed in these facilities, you don’t just work with anyone when selecting your components. So why should you choose to work with DMAS?

In addition to a great product, we provide the advice you need to achieve the best results. Feel free to turn to us for expert technical advice. Questions are answered within 24 hours.

DMAS polystyrene absorbers are designed and manufactured in The Netherlands to ensure the highest levels of quality.

DMAS enjoys a close collaboration with Comtest Engineering, one of the foremost suppliers of anechoic chamber solutions. Together, we have over 45 years of experience in the field.

Tight quality control according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards applies to all production. Quality testing is conducted in our own lab in accordance with the IEEE std 1128-1998 standard.

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