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Over The Air (OTA) Testing / Near Field testing / Compact Antenna Test Ranges

EM absorber overview


You will need an EM absorber sooner then you probably think. Whether it’s your phone, your car, your watch, your lawnmower or even your thermostat, there is a connected and ‘smart’ version of nearly everything you can think of. All of these devices emit some degree of electromagnetic radiation. The fact that this incredible array of devices (that are in use in cities, neighborhoods and streets around the world) can function simultaneously and without causing interference with vital infrastructure is thanks to international regulations governing these emissions. Necessarily, this means that if you’re in the business of designing new consumer electronics, commercial or military hardware, you need a facility to determine whether the emissions generated by your product fall within the guidelines set by the various emissions standards. This is where EM absorbers and (semi) anechoic chambers for EMC testing come in.

antenna measurement applications

Microwave absorbers

Stable performance

200 MHz - 50 GHz range

REACH & RoHS compliant

No leakage of carbon particles

25 year warranty

Fire retardant effects

Environmentally friendly


An EM absorber can be made from polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene foams and is designed to absorb radiation (in the form of high frequency signals) into heat, thus preventing the radiation from bouncing around the chamber in which the equipment is being tested. There are different types of electromagnetic absorbers (hybrid or microwave absorbers being the most important ones), but the principle is largely the same: the EM absorbers are tuned to provide sufficient attenuation of the signal in a range where you plan on doing the most of your testing. This allows you to determine with great precision whether the technology you’re developing complies with international standards since there is neither outside interference nor excessive reflection of the signal on the interior of the chamber.

Microwave absorber (MT series)

Technical details

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Broadband EM absorbers


Absorbers capable of attenuating electromagnetic radiation come in a variety of shapes and sizes including pyramids, sheets, wedges, tiles and more intricate designs. The one most commonly used is the pyramidal EM absorber due to its reliable performance for popular frequencies. Performance in this case is quantified in decibels (dB). As we’ve pointed out, EM absorbers can be constructed using a variety of materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Read the following entry to discover more about foam and polystyrene absorbers.

Fully assembled EPS absorber on dark cyan background

Working with us

Why choose DMAS

Due to the (time) investment associated with the construction of a (semi) anechoic chamber and the demands placed on the research performed in these facilities, you don’t just work with anyone when selecting your components. So why should you choose to work with DMAS?

In addition to a great product, we provide the advice you need to achieve the best results. Feel free to turn to us for expert technical advice. Questions are answered within 24 hours.

DMAS polystyrene absorbers are designed and manufactured in The Netherlands to ensure the highest levels of quality.

DMAS enjoys a close collaboration with Comtest Engineering, one of the foremost suppliers of anechoic chamber solutions. Together, we have over 45 years of experience in the field.

Tight quality control according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards applies to all production. Quality testing is conducted in our own lab in accordance with the IEEE std 1128-1998 standard.


product picture showcasing various microwave absorber pyramids

Microwave Absorber series

Consisting of 3 unique models, this overview shows all available pyramid configurations for our microwave absorbers, featuring our latest Javelin Tip (JT) innovations.

product picture of microwave absorber model MT45-JT

MT45-JT Absorber

Javelin Tip (JT) absorbers are DMAS’ latest innovation. The sharp tip ensures outstanding performance at microwave frequencies matching traditional foam solutions.

product picture showcasing microwave absorber model MT65JT

MT65-JT Absorber

With its recognizable Javelin Tip, this is our largest microwave absorber with total height of 650mm (26″) and operating frequency starting at 200MHz.

product picture of microwave absorber

Microwave Absorber MT25

The MT25 model is our lowest absorber and is used in compact testing setups like wireless test chambers, also known as Over-The-Air (OTA) testing.

walkway RF absorber with rigid epoxy grid on top

DMAS Walkway Absorber

Robust design to provide safe and easy test setup access in full anechoic chambers with floor absorber coverage.

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DMAS EM absorbers represent the latest in performance & durability to make them a perfect fit for modern testing facilities. Contact us today to get started!

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