Walkway Absorbers

Providing safe and easy test setup access in full anechoic chambers with floor absorber coverage.

Antenna Pattern Measurement / Antenna test range / Radar cross section

Walkway absorber overview

Accessibility for engineers


Walkway absorbers are a great solution to provide safe and easy access for test engineers to the antenna and equipment under test (EUT) in full anechoic chambers. Their reinforced fiberglass epoxy grid panels offer excellent support with minimal RF scattering. Naturally, there is a degradation of performance when using anything other than RF absorbing materials in the test chamber, though this is mitigated through clever RF characteristics and careful placement in a non-critical chamber areas.

DMAS Walkway absorbers

Walkway absorbers

Easy EUT accessibility

Excellent support

REACH & RoHS compliant

Robust design

25 year warranty

Fire retardant effects


Environmentally friendly

DMAS: sustainable,
long lasting


DMAS walkway absorbers are manufactured using the same absorbing materials and techniques as our microwave absorber series. This means that, just like our MT series, DMAS walkway absorbers are characterized by superior durability, REACH and RoHS compliance and excellent resistance to changes in humidity.

Walkway absorber

Technical details


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Working with us

Why choose DMAS

Due to the (time) investment associated with the construction of a (semi) anechoic chamber and the demands placed on the research performed in these facilities, you don’t just work with anyone when selecting your components. So why should you choose to work with DMAS?
Feel free to turn to us for expert technical advice. Questions are answered within 24 hours.
DMAS absorbers are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands to ensure the highest levels of quality.
DMAS enjoys a close collaboration with Comtest engineering, one of the foremost suppliers of anechoic chamber solutions. Together, we have over 45 years of experience in the field.
Tight quality control according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards applies to all production. Quality testing is conducted in our own lab in accordance with the IEEE std 1128-1998 standard.

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Looking for the very best in absorber technology? DMAS absorbers are designed for modern testing facilities and represent the latest sustainability & performance. Contact us today and get started.

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