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A Dutch company with the drive to innovate and to improve absorber technology in new and exciting ways.

Who is DMAS?

An introduction

DMAS stands for Dutch Microwave Absorber solutions. We are an independent supplier of polystyrene absorbers characterized by a focus on sustainability and performance. Our range consists of both hybrid (EMC) and microwave (antenna) absorbers in various sizes to make sure clients work with a solution that best fits their research.

As a former part of Comtest Engineering, DMAS draws on over thirty-five years of experience in the field of RF Shielding, Anechoic chamber design and RF absorber applications. DMAS is now striking out on its own to allow a laser focus on its absorber line-up and the creation of exciting new features for the technology.

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Making a difference

The sustainable absorber

In offering a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly absorber, DMAS continues to build on the work that was started by Comtest in the 1980’s. DMAS introduced the first polystyrene absorbers back in 2011. An absorber that is manufactured using this material lasts longer, comes in a smaller package, does not leak carbon particles, has fire retardant properties and is resistant to environmental humidity changes. DMAS is the only European manufacturer to offer such an absorber and remains dedicated to improving its already impressive feature set.

Global network

Local support

Naturally, clients can turn to us for advice, but DMAS also works with a global network of local partners that are equally knowledgeable in the field of absorber technology, EMC and microwave testing applications. This means that, wherever you are in the world, you always can get in touch with a local distributor of our absorbers.

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There when you need it

The Comtest connection

DMAS enjoys a close collaboration with Comtest Engineering. Their best-in-class antenna testing & anechoic chamber solutions are used by industry leaders across the globe. We share a focus on creating a great product and work together when it makes sense to do so. Naturally, DMAS works with other local suppliers as well, the connection with Comtest is simply there should you need it. More inside information in this blog post.

About DMAS

Made in The Netherlands

A DMAS absorber is a truly high quality product. Our cutting-edge hybrid and microwave absorbers are designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, fully in line with European Health, Environment and Safety regulations.

With the biggest European port (Rotterdam) close to hand, container shipment to anywhere on the globe is a trivial matter. Strict ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards apply to each step of production and samples are tested frequently to ensure benchmark levels of quality and performance.

But that’s not all. DMAS has close affiliations with local partners that supply tailored semi anechoic chambers and antenna testing solutions. We fully understand the needs of our clients when it comes to dependability, performance and expert advice. Our extensive experience in the field of absorber technology is leveraged to offer just that.

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Looking for the very best in RF absorbing technology? DMAS absorbers are designed for modern testing facilities and represent the latest sustainability & performance. Contact us today and get started.

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