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Comtest connection explained

It is no secret that DMAS enjoys a close collaboration with Comtest Engineering. Comtest is a celebrated supplier of best-in-class antenna testing & anechoic chamber solutions used by industry leaders across the globe. One of Comtest’s key strengths is their flexibility and ability to deliver turn-key testing facilities that need nothing other than the research engineers qualified to operate them. We are proud to say that, for ten years now, Comtest has worked exclusively with DMAS to supply the hybrid and microwave absorbers that line their facilities.

Separate entities

Considering the closeness of our two companies it is also good to emphasize that, even though they share the same address, they are in fact separate entities with differing strengths and objectives. Comtest Engineering leverages its experience with RF shielded doors, absorber layouts, feedthroughs and on-site chamber construction to build fully functioning EMC facilities and antenna ranges according to customer specifications. 

DMAS, on the other hand, specializes in the absorber technology that plays a crucial part in allowing these facilities to perform their primary function. With continuous R&D developments our product range has grown over the years, with our newest additions in “Javelin Tipped” microwave absorbers. Our production processes are complicated and require tight quality control procedures to ensure absorber performance for our customers to rely on.

Highly specialized

An important reason for the distinction is the high degree of specialization that is involved in the creation of absorber technology. By directing all its attention and resources towards the research and development of polystyrene absorbers, DMAS was able to make large strides in bringing the next generation of absorbers to testing facilities around the world. Most notably, the use of uniform carbon coating and superior fabrication methods for EPS have meant stable performance in a product that is much more durable than the competition without resorting to toxic materials or compromising the environment.

There when you need it

DMAS enjoys great working relationships with many different suppliers and is happy to work with you in any way you prefer. The connection with Comtest is simply there should you need it. Given Comtest’s decades long presence in Europe, North America and China, it makes sense for them to act as a DMAS distributor in these areas. In all other parts of the world, DMAS has established its own network of trusted partners.

Find out more

Have any questions about our collaboration with Comtest or want to find out more about DMAS absorber technology? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to request a brochure.

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