Microwave Absorbers

Sustainable, high performance and finished with the signature javelin tip.

Over The Air (OTA) Testing / Near Field testing / Compact Antenna Test Ranges

Microwave absorber overview

Microwave absorber made to attenuate RF/MW signals

Since the introduction of DMAS microwave absorbers back in 2011 our portfolio has evolved to the next level. With the introduction of the Javelin Tip (JT) absorbers DMAS made a crucial step towards excellent performance without compromising product features. Our absorbers have a superior product life-cycle of +25 years and due to the closed cell structure (EPS) of the microwave absorption material, their performance is very stable over time. This leads to high quality microwave absorbing material and reproducible testing environments.

DMAS RF absorbers are high performance, broadband polystyrene absorbers with an operating frequency from 200 MHz to 50 GHz. Due to excellent reflectivity at microwave frequencies our MT absorber series is a superb choice for various antenna testing applications in Compact ranges. Do you seek a hybrid absorber for EMC testing applications? Check out our electromagnetic absorber brochures with detailed specifications and performance graphs.

antenna measurement applications

Microwave absorbers

Stable performance

200 MHz - 50 GHz range

REACH & RoHS compliant

No leakage of carbon particles

25 year warranty

Fire retardant effects

Environmentally friendly

DMAS microwave absorber: sustainable, long lasting

A standout feature of the DMAS microwave absorber is its sustainability. They are incredibly durable, fire retardant and resistant to changes in humidity. Because these are features of next gen microwave absorption materials (instead of hazardous ones) our products are fully REACH & RoHS compliant. Adding to their sustainable nature is the modular design. Accidentally damaged a pyramid? Just replace the broken one instead of the entire unit.

Our microwave absorbing materials do not leak carbon particles during their product life-cycle, meaning your laboratory remains a clean working environment. For more information you can check out our blog post comparing EPS vs foam material. If you want the most sustainable option, choose a DMAS microwave absorber.


Microwave absorber (MT series)

Technical details

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Easy EUT access

Walkway microwave absorbers

Are you looking for ways to provide easy access to equipment-under-test for your research engineers? DMAS microwave absorbers are also available as a walkway variant.

A fiberglass epoxy grid is a microwave absorbing material that provides great support. While clever design and optimal placement minimize unwanted interference. For more detailed information on our walkway absobers, visit the walkway product page.

product picture of walkway absorber with fiber glass grid on top

Working with us

Why choose DMAS

Due to the (time) investment associated with the construction of a (semi) anechoic chamber and the demands placed on the research performed in these facilities, you don’t just work with anyone when selecting your components. So why should you choose to work with DMAS?

In addition to a great product, we provide the advice you need to achieve the best results. Feel free to turn to us for expert technical advice. Questions are answered within 24 hours.

DMAS polystyrene absorbers are designed and manufactured in The Netherlands to ensure the highest levels of quality.

DMAS enjoys a close collaboration with Comtest Engineering, one of the foremost suppliers of anechoic chamber solutions. Together, we have over 45 years of experience in the field.

Tight quality control according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards applies to all production. Quality testing is conducted in our own lab in accordance with the IEEE std 1128-1998 standard.

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Looking for the very best in RF absorbing technology? DMAS microwave absorbers are designed for modern testing facilities and offer excellent performance as well as a long product life. Contact us today to learn more about DMAS microwave absorbing material.

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