DIY Antenna Chamber

Low cost and low barrier to entry: anyone can build an effective antenna test range with high quality DMAS absorbers and unique chamber design.

"Do It Yourself" antenna range


When most people think of a professional antenna measurement facility, they think of a fully RF shielded room completed with RF shielded doors, power-line filters and cable entries. That type of shielding is hardly ever necessary though. Indeed, a Faraday cage is required in only 20% of cases because the attenuation provided by DMAS absorbers is sufficient for most antenna measurement applications. Since this makes construction significantly easier, the door is opened to a “Do It Yourself” chamber solutions.

  • Cost effective compared to premium RF shielded solutions
  • Sufficient for most type of antenna measurements
  • Highly customizable, made according to your specifications
  • Clear installation instructions and chamber drawings provided
  • Equipped with high performance and eco-friendly DMAS RF absorbers
Impression of antenna test chamber including RF absorbers and SNF scanner.
Fully assembled EPS absorber on dark cyan background

Environmentally friendly

DMAS Absorbers

What if we told you that there is a broadband RF absorber that doesn’t leak carbon particles, contains no toxic chemicals, complies with international fire-retardant standards, offers great EM absorbing characteristics, and comes with a 25-year warranty. Sounds incredible right? Except Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions (DMAS) offers exactly that. We have developed a next generation, closed-cell absorber using polystyrene that addresses all the shortcomings of traditional foam absorbers that came before. Furthermore, thanks to excellent and stable performance over a wide range, DMAS microwave absorbers are perfectly suited to incorporate in various antenna measurement applications.

Build your own antenna test range

Which is exactly what DMAS has developed. The DMAS DIY chamber solution is perfect for the majority of antenna test ranges and is equipped with our signature “javelin-tipped” microwave absorber. These RF absorbers offer high performance with an operating frequency from 200 MHz to 50GHz. In other words: excellent reflectivity at microwave frequencies. And with our DIY chamber kits, your engineers can construct a fully operational antenna testing facility in no time. All you need is some space, a few pairs of hands and basic carpentry tools. 

Rendered image of antenna test chamber including DMAS RF absorbers and SNF scanner.
Outside impression of support structure for antenna test chamber. This "Do It Yourself" concept is developed by DMAS & Comtest.

No RF shielding required

As mentioned in the introduction, most types of antenna measurement applications do not require any form of RF shielding. This is what makes it possible to offer a complete testing solution as a DIY package. For clarity: the types of research that do require shielding are EMC testing according standards which refer to EN50147-1/IEEE 299 for minimum shielding effectiveness, wireless OTA testing (CTIA, MIMO and ETSI), HWiL testing and antennas with power exceeding WHO/EU regulations. If you’re engaged in antenna testing that does not fall under these types of research, a DIY chamber should be perfect for your needs. Of course, if you’re unsure, you can contact us anytime to find out whether a DIY chamber would work for your application.

Innovative design

DMAS DIY chambers have an innovative design that is modular and highly customizable. This makes it possible for us to adjust dimensions and characteristics to fit your specifications exactly. The lightweight support frame makes installation of the microwave absorbers easy. Furthermore, simplified entrance doors suffice because shielding is not required. All of this contributes to a solution that is easy-to-build, cost-effective and ready for serious measurements. 

Two EPS absorber pyramids on white background

Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to build my own antenna testing range?

Usually, it’s no more or less difficult to install a DIY chamber than to build say a moderately complicated bit of furniture from a well-known Scandinavian furniture supplier. It’s just bigger. However, the frame is lightweight and therefore very easy to work with. The frame can be erected with the help of a scaffold or a scissor lift. Basic carpentry tools are all that’s required to complete the support frame and install the absorbers.

Does my kit come with instructions?

Every DIY chamber provided by DMAS comes with its own set of instructions. Kits are created based upon your specific needs and requirements. We gather the necessary materials, prepare them and create a manual specifically for that kit. The instructions are easy to follow and should make installation a trivial matter.

And if I do need assistance?

DMAS DIY chambers are easy to build and, as the name implies, fully intended as a do-it-yourself solution. However, that’s not to say you’re on your own after you’ve taken delivery of your DIY kit. You can call us anytime if you need help and if you would rather have someone else install your chamber for you, we can put you in touch with a local installation team.

Don’t all testing facilities need premium RF shielding?

In some cases, proper RF shielding is required, but for most types of antenna research, the attenuation provided by our microwave absorbers is more than enough. DIY chambers are perfect when the following circumstances apply:

  • Ambient noise is not a concern for your research
  • You’re testing a pattern at a known carrier frequency
  • The RF power generated stays below EU and WHO thresholds
  • The research you’re doing does not jeopardize personal safety or the integrity of surrounding electronics

What type of absorber is included with the DIY kits?

All DIY chamber solutions are equipped with our very own DMAS polystyrene microwave absorbers. These absorbers have a number of important advantages over competing products, namely: a 25 year warranty and superior product life, superior rigidity (no drooping tips), uniform carbon cell loading for stable performance over time, no leakage of carbon particles, a modular nature consisting of baseplates and pyramids (easy to replace a damaged pyramid), resistance to humidity and an eco-friendly, REACH & RoHS compliant product design.

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