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Unlike conventional foam absorbers, DMAS polystyrene absorbers are highly rigid and resistant to changes in humidity. In addition, our absorbers do not leak any carbon particles, they comply with international fire retardancy standards and they come with a 25 year warranty. Superior, closed-cell technology certainly has its advantages.


DMAS Absorber products


DMAS offers two distinct product groups: hybrid absorbers and microwave absorbers. They each have their own performance characteristics and serve specific applications. When combined with ferrite tiles, our hybrid absorbers are perfect for EMC testing in semi and full anechoic chambers. Microwave absorbers provide excellent performance for both near field measurements in antenna test ranges and wireless (OTA) test chambers. 

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In a nutshell
In a nutshell

No downsides

Long lasting, environmentally friendly


For a long time, you had to choose between performance and longevity when it came to absorbers. With DMAS polystyrene absorbers, that is no longer the case.
Thanks to next-gen material properties, our absorbers combine an astounding +25 year life span with full REACH & RoHS compliance. Since performance does not degrade over time, it is not an exaggeration to state that DMAS absorbers have no downsides.

About DMAS

Made in The Netherlands


A DMAS absorber is a truly high quality product. Our cutting-edge absorbers are designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, fully in line with European Health, Environment and Safety regulations.

With the biggest European port (Rotterdam) close to hand, container shipment to anywhere on the globe is a trivial matter. Strict ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards apply to each step of production and samples are tested frequently to ensure benchmark levels of quality and performance.

But that’s not all. DMAS has close affiliations with local partners that supply tailored semi anechoic chambers and antenna testing solutions. We fully understand the needs of our clients when it comes to dependability, performance and expert advice. Our extensive experience in the field of absorber technology is leveraged to offer just that.

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Looking for the very best in absorber technology? DMAS absorbers are designed for modern testing facilities and represent the latest sustainability & performance. Contact us today and get started.


DMAS microwave absorber series

Microwave Absorber series

Consisting of 3 unique models, this overview shows all available pyramid configurations for our microwave absorbers, featuring our latest Javelin Tip (JT) innovations.

Microwave absorber MT45-JT

MT45-JT Absorber

Javelin Tip (JT) absorbers are DMAS’ latest innovation. The sharp tip ensures outstanding performance at microwave frequencies matching traditional foam solutions.

DMAS Microwave Absorber MT65JT

MT65-JT Absorber

With its recognizable Javelin Tip, this is our largest microwave absorber with total height of 650mm (26″) and operating frequency starting at 200MHz.

DMAS microwave absorber model MT25

Microwave Absorber MT25

The MT25 model is our lowest absorber and is used in compact testing setups like wireless test chambers, also known as Over-The-Air (OTA) testing.

Hybrid EMC absorber series

Hybrid EMC absorber series

DMAS offers three unique absorber configurations for hybrid anechoic chamber solutions, check out our brochures for more details.

Hybrid EMC Absorber - model HT45

HT45 Absorber

The HT45 absorber total height is 450mm (18″). Excellent performance in Semi and Full Anechoic chamber solutions for EMC testing.

Hybrid EMC Absorber Baseplate

DMAS Absorber Baseplate

The modular design approach of DMAS absorbers consists of baseplates and wedge tapers. The baseplate thickness is 50mm or 100mm, depending on the absorber model.

Hybrid EMC Absorber - model HT25

HT25 Absorber

The HT25 absorber total height is 250mm (10″). Perfect for hybrid solutions using a matching ferrite tile within EMC testing facilities.

DMAS White End Caps

White end caps

Each Hybrid EMC absorber can be equipped with two white end caps to improve the illumination within the anechoic chamber and for additional protection.

Hybrid EMC Absorber - model HT65

HT65 Absorber

The HT65 absorber total height is 650mm (26″). Made for high-end hybrid anechoic chamber solutions for EMC testing applications.


DMAS Walkway Absorber

Robust design to provide safe and easy test setup access in full anechoic chambers with floor absorber coverage.



Microwave Absorber - MT45-JT

This absorber is xxxx

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